Poppy t-shirt

Poppy 2019 t-shirt

Comfortable fit in all adult sizes male and female
  • Our bespoke design for 2019, complimenting the finishers medal and yearly branding. 100% polyester t-shirt with dye sublimation print (all-over ink printed). Available in XS, S, M, L, XL. All proceeds go to charity.

Poppy medal

This is your reward from us for crossing the finish line! Collect a medal at the end of the race – a fantastic keepsafe.

Poppy memorabilia pack

Commemorative Pack

All the memorabilia in one entry fee
  • Half Marathon Race Commemorative Package (Race Entry, Sports Bag, Beanie and T-Shirt). This offer gets you all the memorabilia with your event entry. *only available when buying the Half Marathon event entry.

RMFGC beanie

RMFGC beanie

one size fits all
  • Keep your head warm whilst promoting our cause. Get yourself one of our branded beanies!

RMFGC sports bag

RMFGC sports bag

Value for money kit bag
  • A fantastic durable bag ideal for taking to all your events. Plenty of pockets and storage and comfortable too and of course branded in our colours and name.

All of our memorabilia merchandise can be purchased from our race entry system